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We are your go-to solutions.

We are a leading solutions firm dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions and empowering businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. With a team of seasoned experts and a commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed our client's expectations and drive their success.
We understand the challenges and complexities that organizations face in today's dynamic business landscape. Our goal is to provide strategic guidance, innovative ideas, and practical solutions to help our clients navigate these challenges and achieve sustainable growth.


Services We Provide

We create and manage your teams, freeing you from any worries.


IT outstaffing

Scale up your team fast and get reliable remote developers within a day. We cooperate with hundreds of developers of different skill levels to offer our clients ready teams when needed.

    Back-end & front-end developers.

    QA specialists.

    Product managers.

    Data scientists & business analysts.


HR Management

We handle all staff-related processes. Just focus on your business instead of dealing with bureaucracy. We make sure that your employees are satisfied and perform their duties without any blockers.

    Signing and storing contracts.

    Resolving current issues with employees.

    Holding tests and reviews.

    Performance management.



We search and hire employees for our clients. We get a clear job description from you and find the best specialists. We also provide headhunting and executive search services for companies.

    Talent acquisition.

    Sourcing of candidates.

    Processing requests.

    Conducting interviews.



We provide consulting services for our clients. If you need help in developing the HR strategy, internal corporate policies, job descriptions, any company rules, and other documents, you can contact us.

    HR strategy.

    Development of internal documents.

    Staff assessment.

    Job descriptions.

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We work with clients from a number of industries. Whatever you do, we can help you perform even better.

As a reliable and experienced HR management agency, we've worked with clients in various industries. We have had successful collaborations in the domains mentioned below:


    Online retail



    Internet of things

    Travel & hospitality




    AR & VR

    Gaming & mobile apps

We have branches, clients, and remote teams in different parts of the world. Our main targets are such regions as:










    New Zealand

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Why choose Us

Learn more about the benefits you get when working with us.

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    skilled specialists

    Our team consists of experienced recruiters and HR managers. We are ready to take over all the processes of searching, hiring, and managing personnel. You take care of business tasks, and we provide reliable work.

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    perfect matches

    We know that one of the main components of the success of any business is people. We carefully select employees and conduct all the necessary tests and interviews to be sure that they are "your" people.

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    Talent Retention

    It is important not only to hire the right and experienced employees but also to keep them in your company. Our HR managers make sure that your employees are satisfied with their work conditions.

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    fair Pricing

    We offer a clear and simple payment model with no hidden fees. You pay only for the services you use: candidate search, recruitment, personnel management, record keeping, payroll, etc.

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    urgent hire

    If you urgently need new employees of any profession and skill level, we can help you. Thanks to well-established processes in our company, the average hiring period is 10 days from the date of application.

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    Established Company

    Our work experience is more than 5 years. We offer remote HR management and recruitment services. Delegate to us all the tasks related to personnel management, wherever you are.



We offer a simple and understandable way to cooperate with our company. Just follow three simple steps described below.

01. Sign up for a consultation

 Tell our managers about your company and goals. Discuss the tasks you want to delegate to us.

02. Services Customization

 We tailor the service plan to your needs and assign a dedicated manager. Signing an agreement & specifying the scope of work.

03. Beginning of work

 We perform our duties promptly and efficiently. You get your HR proccesses streamlined.

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